Talos TLS-1B

Surprised by cold weather and snow this Canopian Light Horseman improvised by whitewashing his Mech for an ad-hoc winter camo.

Centralla Honor Unlike most regiments in the MAF, the Second uses whatever camouflage is appropriate for the mission. Per FM:Periphery, page 34.Other references: Commando, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 24)


A woman bearing a lance and clothed in a red and green cloak while riding a horse bareback is the Cheval’s insignia. After their magnificent victory on Repulse against Capellan troops, the Second was given the honor of displaying only the standard of the Magistracy of Canopus. Per FM:Periphery, pages 26 and 34.

Code: 20-5046

Talos TLS-1B


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