Warhammer WHM-4L / WHM-9S

This ‘Mech bears the insignia of the Destructor’s 2nd Battalion, Drummond’s Destroyers…a human fist bearing a mace. The mini was painted with Americana Medium Hauser Green and Americana Charcoal Grey, washed with black and highlighted with Americana Light Hauser Green and Cadet Grey.

Both Battalions employ a black-on-green variant of standard forest camouflage, regardless of actual terrain. Per FM: Merc (revised) page 72. Other references: none


The Destructors’ insignia is a hand holding a mace aloft, set against a white field. The hand varies with the two battalions, appearing green and four-fingered for Harcourt’s Aliens, and distinctly pink and human for Drummond’s Destroyers. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, page 72.

Code: 20-304

Warhammer WHM-4L / WHM-9S


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