Nova Cat Prime

Nova Cat Prime
Though Clan Nova Cat tends toward appropriate camo in the field, Alpha Galaxy sometimes uses a scheme of black with a stream of blue stars, painted along the center chest of 'Mechs and Battle Armor and along the fuselage of aerospace fighters. Canonized by CSO on 8/9/2009.Other References: Blood Legacy (Roc Printing) pg 326. Mist Lynx, CM: Kurita (p 109) Executioner, Battle of Tukayyid (p 101) Warhawk, Nova Cat, Nova, Shadow Cat, Battle of Tukayyid (p 112) Executioner, Battle of Tukayyid (p 180)


The insignia of Alpha Galaxy was recently changed to a mosaic showing a nova cat and a dragon coiled around a Cameron Star.

Per FM: ComStar, page 116.


Insignia prior to joining the SLDF:

Code: TBD

Nova Cat (CGL)


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