Phoenix Hawk PXH-3K

The standard paint scheme for the Ghost regiments begins with a base coat of gray so light that it appears almost white. Accenting is usually white or darker gray. The First Ghost accents it machines in dark green striping. In keeping with the yakuza tradition of tattooing the body as a record of personal honor, each MechWarrior may decorate his BattleMech with personal designs that describe his warrior history. All BattleMechs are painted with dark green dragon-like scales that run from the torso up over the right shoulder, around the back and then down the left leg in a continuous chain. This design symbolizes the First Ghost's devotion to the Dragon. The warrior's record of BattleMech kills appears as gold scales painted along the edge of the green.Per FM:Draconis Combine, page 113.Other references: Dragon, FM: Draconis Combine (plate 6) Dragon, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 18) Dragon, CM: Kurita (p 104) Mauler, CM: Kurita (p 109) Dragon, CM: Kurita (p 60) Cyclops, Catapult, Dragon, Panther, CM: Kurita (p 87)


The Ghost regiments do not have a regimental crest, as that designation serves as an administrative classification more than anything else. Per FM: Draconis Combine, page 112.

Code: 35690

Phoenix Hawk PXH-3K/4M (CGL)


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