Scarabus Resculpt SCB-9A

Scarabus Resculpt SCB-9A Photo

This Scarabus is painted in the Sturm Hammer colors.

 Miniature Painting:Banshees Stables - Dak Black Lions Cooperative - Mastergunz,Phlop Blue Fist Stables - Dak Bromley Stables - Wackrabbit Bulldog Cooperative - 00Dawg Cenotaph Stables - Hyena DeLon Stables - Hyena, Psycho Dispossed Cooperative - Wackrabbit Forrest's Fire Stables - Foxbat Gemini Stables - Cyttorak Hombres Stables - Mastergunz Independents - 00Dawg, Dak, GunjiNoKanrei Knights Stables - Mastergunz Lion City Stables - Mastergunz Lynch Stables - Cyttorak Marpesia Stables - Psycho Overlord Stables - Dak Restless Souls Stables - 00Dawg Silver Dragons Stables - Foxbat Starlight Stables - Cyttorak Sturm Hammers - Savage Coyote Tandrek Stables - Phlop Zelazni Stables - MasterGunz, Phlop Zhan Youshi Stables - GunjiNoKanrei  

Code: 20-385

Scarabus Resculpt SCB-9A


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