Trebuchet TBT-5N

This miniature has been modified, using IWM parts, to represent “Snowball III”, the TBT-5K variant as piloted by Sharon Bugoz

The Sabres use the same scheme of the 5th Sword of Light unit, flat red with no highlights.Per Staterbook Sword and Dragon, page 32. After the Combine-Bear war, the Sabres were attached to the Otomo. Wishing to retain the identity and tradition of Sorenson's Sabres, they did not switch to the Otomo scheme, but in a compromise to save face, they have added gold highlights. Canonized by Hyena on 8/14/07. Other references:


The Sabres’ insignia is a mushroom-shaped pillar of black smoke on a gray shield behind a yellow-flamed scimitar.

Per Staterbook Sword and Dragon, page 32.

Code: 20-901

Trebuchet TBT-5N


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